Custom Country Homes in Montgomery

Have you considered having your very own custom country home in Montgomery Texas? Many people do not realize that the original birthplace of the Lone Star flag of Texas was actually in Montgomery, Texas! The Lone Star flag was first brought to Congress on behalf of the Republic of Texas by a Senator called William H. Wharton on December 28, 1838, and almost exactly a month later, it was announced that it would become the national flag of the Republic of Texas.

Seeing as Montgomery has such a history of creativity, it should come as no surprise to you that custom country homes are becoming more and more popular in the area. After all, we have proved over time that if we do not like what we already have, we are prepared to get creative and transform barren ground into something fabulous that we love.

Our homes are the places where we spend the most amount of time, and they should be places that we absolutely adore. There should be no other place that you would rather be. A custom country home in Montgomery Texas could mean having the layout downstairs that you have always been looking for; or the bedroom, en suite bathroom, and walk in dressing room that you never thought you could have.

A custom country home in Montgomery Texas is not out of your reach. All you will need to do is to talk to us here at Bordeaux Homes about what your hopes, dreams, and aspirations are for your perfect country home, and we can get our architects to work. Become part of the proud history of Montgomery, and create something incredible that will stand for decades, just like our amazing Lone Star state flag. Call Bordeaux Homes today at 936-648-4823.

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